Social Outreach with Kari-On Productions

Why Press?

Kari-On Productions uses cross-pollination, peer-to-peer recommendation, building your fanbase, graphics, and more. What does this mean? More than ever, social platforms are becoming a new and adventurous place for Kari-On to help artists get the word out about their product more effectively in an organic (person-to-person) conversation. Similar to buying an ad in a magazine, only the superior advantage is – social platforms are limitless in their reach, and we strive to organically (not using bots) post and recommend and inform about your product/release/artistry to a 100% organic following we have created over years of outreach ourselves. We believe it is not just about your following – it is essential to reach new “groups” of people in your social outreach pursuit. This aspect is already included in our national campaigns, or we offer specialty social outreach only concepts. Let’s connect to discuss any of your questions – we are here to help, just a phone call or email away.

What Do We Do?

Kari-On Productions has helped label and non-label artists get better traction with their campaign by looking at the overall needs, not just a box approach. As a result, we have broken countless debut artists - into the scene and helped them become the names you know today! Was it done overnight? No, but we have created the launching pad, and consistent support is needed to effectively raise awareness with no-nonsense; YES!!

The Tools - Yes, all of our campaigns come with EPKs, a professionally designed One Sheet that matches the look of your campaign. We connect you with professional writers to compose effective written materials if you don’t already have this in hand. We also only ask for a minimal amount of product as many writers are now accepting digital. We build a private, secure, graphically designed media delivery page for each artist that allows us to service hundreds of more contacts at no additional cost to you.

We execute product servicing; we don’t expect you to handle your own campaign – we want you focusing on getting gigs and working on new material.

Strategic planning of your publicity campaign, timing and help with advertising if desired.

There's only one way to find out more: let’s connect, let's pick a time to set up a friendly conversation to consult and brainstorm your project. We believe in good old-fashioned communication, so let's talk and plan a strategy that works for you.

Types of publicity campaigns.

Let's get on the phone together to discuss each campaign style's differences and create the perfect fit for you!

  • Critics
  • CD Release
  • Tour Support

Kari-On Productions WE DESIGN a campaign specifically for you.

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