Radio Campaigns with Kari-On Productions


Kari-On Productions works with over 500+ stations across the globe! Our goal is to match our artists' content with the specific contacts that will understand and find value in the music/project, as we clearly know jazz, world, and Latin music comes in many styles, and you did not create a cookie cutter release, so we certainly will not create a cookie cutter campaign. Our focus is non-comm radio, as jazz, world, and classical are not played on commercial radio. Non-comm comprises NPR, College, Community, Canadian Campus radio, and select online radio outlets. We work with various charts, and we also work with retail, tv, and satellite outlets. So now that you have the overview – LET'S CONNECT – LET'S STRATEGIZE – Let us help you build your BRAND EQUITY, FAN BASE, and ACCOLADES through radio promotion!!!

Kari-On Productions WE DESIGN a campaign specifically for you.

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